GEICO 360 - New York ComiCon

Client: GEICO

Agency: RedPeg Marketing - Alexandria, VA

Working with our agency partner RedPeg Marketing as part of GEICO’s national experiential campaign, we created a series of 360-degree, slo-mo video experiences across New York ComiCon and other key events.

BluePixel utilized our proprietary, real-time video rendering chain to create event-customized videos that brought GEICO’s partnership with Marvel to life at the event. 

Best Buy Photo Workshop Tour

Client: Best Buy

21 workshops, 7 markets, hundreds of happy participants and thousands of amazing images! We were excited to partner with Best Buy’s Digital Imaging and Experiential teams to create the Best Buy Photo Workshop tour series this year, raising awareness of the Best Buy Camera Experience Shops. These stores-within-a-store have an expanded selection of camera products, and an expertly-trained staff.

These 21 workshops generated tremendous social lift and impressions, as well as recognition within the photo press that Best Buy had never received before.

Are You The Biggest Fan?

Client: Dish Network “Are you the biggest fan” Campaign

Agency: RedPeg Marketing - Alexandria, VA

When Dish Network set out on tour this summer to find the Biggest Fan, we were excited to partner with RedPeg Marketing to create the experiential technology.

It began with NFC-integrated data capture, leading to a quiz to determine which television character they were, whether that was a WWE Superstar or a Real Housewife…

And then continued with a video created on our testimonial stage that became their entry to the Biggest Fan contest…

In addition, via our proprietary back-end structure we were able to seamlessly integrate with other partners, including submitting the videos into the content management flow of the contest management agency and the overall contest microsite. Dozens of events and thousands of videos later - the biggest fans will be announced any day!