Go Buck Wild!

Campaign:  Buck Wild SnackShot

Client:  Buck Wild Snacks

Agency:  Match Marketing Group

I got it - we'll shoot popcorn in people's faces, film it in slo-mo and send it to them!  Yup - those meetings happen sometimes.

Working with our amazing partners at Match Marketing Group we took the kernel (see what I did there?) of an idea and turned it into a fantastic and fun digital activation to complement their traveling activation.

Match's activation perfectly captures the spirit of Buck Wild Snacks and allows customers to #GoBuckWild by getting shot with a blast of Buck Wild popcorn - a SnackShot! Of course, what fun is that unless someone captures it in super-slo-mo?  That's where we come in.  

First, we created an incredibly easy-to-use app for the field staff.  Then, we tied that into our our proprietary real-time, broadcast-quality cloud rendering engine to turn that quick slo-mo video into a branded, perfect-for-sharing digital deliverable AND an onsite promo piece for the Buck Wild Cannon.

The tour will be criss-crossing the country all summer, and we'll be looking for you to #GoBuckWild!