Creating Buzz for your Event: The Ripple Effect

Client:  Sony

Project:  PhotoPlus Expo

We were very excited to be working with our longtime client Sony as lead partner for their booth at the PhotoPlus Expo, the largest Photo tradeshow in the U.S.

As part of that engagement, we created their resolution and action capture booth stages, captured content with their Sony Artisans of Imagery both onstage and off, and created the Sony VIP Lounge.

It was in that lounge that we created one of the most fun activations I can recall – the Sony Ripple Maker.  We combined Sony cameras (the best in the biz!) with innovative technology from Ripples to create the most buzz-worthy images at a tradeshow chock full of pictures.  

Participants stepped up, took a photo and seconds later saw themselves on a cappuccino.  It was amazing to see people’s expressions as they saw themselves on the coffee, and even more amazing to see how fast they reached for their phones to socially share the images!  As soon as word got out, it was the talk of the floor and there was a constant line for the full 3 days of the show.

In each of the content areas we combined sets and talent that demonstrated the key selling points of Sony’s cameras – resolution, sensitivity and speed.  

The booth was the talk of the show, with thousands of attendees constantly crowding every space, taking pictures, and creating millions of press and social impressions for Sony!