The Verizon Experience

Project:  Verizon Experience - Hispanic/American

Client: Verizon

Agency: Marketing Werks

As part of Verizon's Hispanic-American National campaign we were challenged to create an activation that visually combined the individual personality and values of participants with the togetherness of Verizon's national 4G network.

Participants stepped into a Photo Booth (along or in groups) where they took an image of themselves that triggered the creative process.  That image was processed in our proprietary, real-time video workflow where it was combined with targeted words and phrases (drawn from the participants' registration profiles) to create a unique video takeaway, personalized for them.

When they came out of the booth, they could see their image on a nearby kiosk and flick it from a tablet onto our national map videowall, representing how they are a part of Verizon's 4G national network.

And of course participants received a real-time MMS of their video as well as a customized, branded email follow-up with full social sharing links.