Diversity in Virtual Reality

Project:  Verizon Global Diversity and Inclusion Conference

Client: Verizon

Agency: Marketing Werks

Earlier this summer we had an interesting challenge from our agency partner Marketing Werks to bring an important, internal event to life – Verizon’s Diversity & Inclusion Conference.  A daylong event celebrating Verizon’s corporate culture of inclusion and diversity within its ranks, which include many internal Employee Resource Groups, each with their own content. To bring this initiative to life further, the client really wanted to deploy a Virtual Reality solution, utilizing Verizon devices. 

The primary challenge was that the provided assets weren't originally developed for VR, which meant that we had to create a VR environment where the content was usable and made creative sense for the end user. Our Creative Director, Rick McNealy, hit on the idea of the Museum of Diversity where each of the groups' content would be featured in a VR space.  When in that space, participants could look around them and see the content from each of the groups represented.

To maximize the VR experience, we started the app with a series of 360-degree panoramic images that contained Verizon's key branding and led the viewer into the Museum of Diversity.


Hardware-wise, we decided to use the Galaxy S5 (then the flagship Samsung handset) combined with Google Cardboard, which allowed for a low equipment cost and easy access for multiple users to participate (as opposed to expensive dedicated headsets).

Ultimately we came up with a VR app that maximized what could be done with non-VR content, answered the call for our clients, and created a compelling experience for the participants  - which is always what we're looking to do.