Where My Drive Comes From

Project:  #MyDriveComesFrom

Client: Travelers Insurance

Agency: rEvolution

We are working this summer and fall with rEvolution and their client Travelers on a fun and remarkable campaign called My Drive Comes From, that lets marathon runners and their supporters express their motivation and appreciation for their Drive.

The program has multiple components, including an onsite presence at the Rock & Roll Marathon Expos, on-course presence at each racecourse and a dedicated campaign microsite.

Onsite at each race Expo, we capture images from participants (and their supporters) that spell out where their drive comes from.  These very high quality, professionally-shot images become part of a videowall display onsite and part of the www.MyDriveComesFrom.com mosaic.

On www.MyDriveComesFrom.com participants can learn about the campaign, look up a runner and leave them a message of encouragement that they'll see as they run past the Travelers jumbotron on the racecourse.

These messages were the most exciting and most challenging part of the activation.  We worked with the Rock & Roll series sponsorship team and technical partners to get access to their timing antenna infrastructure, so that we could track exactly when a runner is coming up to the jumbotron and display their encouragement messages. 

Working creatively with rEvolution, we designed multiple layouts to accommodate differing numbers and styles of messages, as well as interstitial branding between messages.

Even at just our first race, we received hundreds of messages of encouragement and it was amazing to see the reactions of runners as they were surprised and delighted by the messages popping up in front of them.  Some even stopped to take a picture and capture the moment!