Tracking the Achievers

Project: NFC Attendance Tracking

We were very happy to participate with one of our clients (who we can't name, but lets just say we think it's the Best place to Buy consumer electronics) on their annual sales achievement conference in San Juan.

We had 1150 attendees, 120 vendors, 70+ vendor workshops, 2 hotels and tens of thousands of checkins to track, all in real-time. Furthermore, we had to manage a network situation that has been a historical thorn in our client's side.

They had previously used a solution that involved having every attendee need to download an app and scan themselves into every booth. This was slow, tech support heavy and VERY network inefficient.

To overcome these issues, we created an NFC tablet-based scanning system that allowed us to reduce the number of devices on the network by an order of magnitude (from 2000+ to 200) that also allowed us to cover areas that had never been tracked before, including registration and swag distribution, and vendor workshops. All of this tied into our real-time back end to provide instant reporting to all of our corporate client representatives on every session and attendee.

Each tablet was instantly able to be configured to any location, and corporate staff were able to efficiently and quickly learn how to scan participants in:

  • At registration, the client was instantly able to track who had arrived and registered, as well as remove any chance of double swag distribution. 
  • At the vendor show, dashboards provided real-time information on which booths had been visited the most, and track each participants' progress across the show floor. We also tracked real-time contest eligibility based on booth visits.
  • For the vendor workshops, participants were tracked as they checked in and instantly told if they were in the wrong workshop (and sent to the right one). Furthermore, corporate staff were able to track compliance with mandatory workshop attendance in real-time.

Even with a less-than-perfect network we were able to manage every attendee and every check-in, representing nearly 40,000 individual checkins on busy event days. Can't wait until the next event in October!