Checking In at the Super Bowl!

Project: Mobile Registration/Ticketing

Agency: Mosaic 

At the Super Bowl this year we we hired to create a system that allowed participants to register for and attend one of the hottest, invitation-only Super Bowl activations in Phoenix. Our task was to streamline the multi-step registration and entry process so that thousands of attendees could get their party on, rather than stand in line.

We created a system in which potential attendees received an invitation email, which led them to a mobile-optimized registration microsite. Our client had several requirements that had to be met in order to receive a ticket, including age gating and providing a signature and a selfie. Our microsite handled all that, and then the system sent them a unique QR code as well as links for inviting friends.

QR codes are something that sometimes get a bad rap in experiential, sometimes deservedly so. It's not always a great plan to ask every customer to scan a code to accomplish something. However, using QR in reverse, where we distribute unique codes and then we scan them can be very efficient.

QR codes are easy to scan, whether they're on a device or printed, and they can have data embedded within the code itself that can makes the scanning app efficient and limit connectivity-dependence.

As the tens of thousands of invitation emails and the thousands of actual tickets went out, our clients were able to keep track of all the activity via a custom dashboard that gave them continuous, real-time updates of the event as a whole and each day's counts.

At the venue, we provided a custom scanning app used by dozens of brand ambassadors up and down the line that scanned the codes and instantly verified that all the requirements (ticketed, of age, signature, selfie) had been provided before checking the attendee into the event. We quickly and efficiently checked in thousands of attendees over the weekend, even when connectivity became sketchy or non-existent because of overwhelming RF and tens of thousands of connected users in a 2-block radius.

Onsite it was a blast - amazing crowds and amazing energy at the event, and we were proud to be a part of it.