Social Walls @ #EventTechLive

I had the opportunity this past week to speak at Event Tech about one of our favorite topics - social walls.  Specifically, how to go beyond the #hashtag and make walls more interactive, social and meaningful for event participants.  You can see my Top 9 tips in the photo below - they're all about doing more than just grabbing #hashtags.

Photo courtesy @KathleenMudge

But then we thought "How can we make this more fun and interactive - the way social walls should be?" So we made a custom interactive social wall for the event - PokerFace - where attendees could visit the PokerFace microsite, submit a photo, and see themselves appear on the wall with a prize attached - in this case a poker chip ranging from $1 to $100.  All the faces you see below were real attendees.

It was a great talk - thanks to Event Tech for having us - and I was never more happy to lose over $300 in chips in Vegas!

Give us a call and let's talk about how we can make your social walls into much more!