Creating Buzz for your Event: The Ripple Effect

Client:  Sony

Project:  PhotoPlus Expo

We were very excited to be working with our longtime client Sony as lead partner for their booth at the PhotoPlus Expo, the largest Photo tradeshow in the U.S.

As part of that engagement, we created their resolution and action capture booth stages, captured content with their Sony Artisans of Imagery both onstage and off, and created the Sony VIP Lounge.

It was in that lounge that we created one of the most fun activations I can recall – the Sony Ripple Maker.  We combined Sony cameras (the best in the biz!) with innovative technology from Ripples to create the most buzz-worthy images at a tradeshow chock full of pictures.  

Participants stepped up, took a photo and seconds later saw themselves on a cappuccino.  It was amazing to see people’s expressions as they saw themselves on the coffee, and even more amazing to see how fast they reached for their phones to socially share the images!  As soon as word got out, it was the talk of the floor and there was a constant line for the full 3 days of the show.

In each of the content areas we combined sets and talent that demonstrated the key selling points of Sony’s cameras – resolution, sensitivity and speed.  

The booth was the talk of the show, with thousands of attendees constantly crowding every space, taking pictures, and creating millions of press and social impressions for Sony!



Go Buck Wild!

Campaign:  Buck Wild SnackShot

Client:  Buck Wild Snacks

Agency:  Match Marketing Group

I got it - we'll shoot popcorn in people's faces, film it in slo-mo and send it to them!  Yup - those meetings happen sometimes.

Working with our amazing partners at Match Marketing Group we took the kernel (see what I did there?) of an idea and turned it into a fantastic and fun digital activation to complement their traveling activation.

Match's activation perfectly captures the spirit of Buck Wild Snacks and allows customers to #GoBuckWild by getting shot with a blast of Buck Wild popcorn - a SnackShot! Of course, what fun is that unless someone captures it in super-slo-mo?  That's where we come in.  

First, we created an incredibly easy-to-use app for the field staff.  Then, we tied that into our our proprietary real-time, broadcast-quality cloud rendering engine to turn that quick slo-mo video into a branded, perfect-for-sharing digital deliverable AND an onsite promo piece for the Buck Wild Cannon.

The tour will be criss-crossing the country all summer, and we'll be looking for you to #GoBuckWild!


Take the Slapshot Challenge

Project: Penguins Slapshot Challenge

Client: Verizon

Agency: Momentum Worldwide

There's nothing we love more than sports - except combining sports with science and turning that into a super-fun activation.  That's what we did with our partner Momentum for Verizon with the Penguins Slapshot Challenge.  It took place on a custom-built rink within the Consol Energy Center.

Custom rink designed and built by momentum


We created a single, BA driven app that accomplished a number of things.  First, it remotely controlled the camera mounted above the goal that captured a GIF of the participants as they took their best shot:

The app also integrated with a state-of-the-art stick speed sensor that gave us each participant's slapshot speed, which was automatically integrated with their image, and was submitted in real-time to a series of onsite leaderboards.

Onsite the activation is seamless and simple, with multiple touchpoints all controlled by a single, device-based BA app. Offsite, all of this ends up with a digital delivery to each client via MMS and email for social sharing. Together, it's a big hit with the fans!


Social Walls @ #EventTechLive

I had the opportunity this past week to speak at Event Tech about one of our favorite topics - social walls.  Specifically, how to go beyond the #hashtag and make walls more interactive, social and meaningful for event participants.  You can see my Top 9 tips in the photo below - they're all about doing more than just grabbing #hashtags.

Photo courtesy @KathleenMudge

But then we thought "How can we make this more fun and interactive - the way social walls should be?" So we made a custom interactive social wall for the event - PokerFace - where attendees could visit the PokerFace microsite, submit a photo, and see themselves appear on the wall with a prize attached - in this case a poker chip ranging from $1 to $100.  All the faces you see below were real attendees.

It was a great talk - thanks to Event Tech for having us - and I was never more happy to lose over $300 in chips in Vegas!

Give us a call and let's talk about how we can make your social walls into much more!

The Verizon Experience

Project:  Verizon Experience - Hispanic/American

Client: Verizon

Agency: Marketing Werks

As part of Verizon's Hispanic-American National campaign we were challenged to create an activation that visually combined the individual personality and values of participants with the togetherness of Verizon's national 4G network.

Participants stepped into a Photo Booth (along or in groups) where they took an image of themselves that triggered the creative process.  That image was processed in our proprietary, real-time video workflow where it was combined with targeted words and phrases (drawn from the participants' registration profiles) to create a unique video takeaway, personalized for them.

When they came out of the booth, they could see their image on a nearby kiosk and flick it from a tablet onto our national map videowall, representing how they are a part of Verizon's 4G national network.

And of course participants received a real-time MMS of their video as well as a customized, branded email follow-up with full social sharing links.

Diversity in Virtual Reality

Project:  Verizon Global Diversity and Inclusion Conference

Client: Verizon

Agency: Marketing Werks

Earlier this summer we had an interesting challenge from our agency partner Marketing Werks to bring an important, internal event to life – Verizon’s Diversity & Inclusion Conference.  A daylong event celebrating Verizon’s corporate culture of inclusion and diversity within its ranks, which include many internal Employee Resource Groups, each with their own content. To bring this initiative to life further, the client really wanted to deploy a Virtual Reality solution, utilizing Verizon devices. 

The primary challenge was that the provided assets weren't originally developed for VR, which meant that we had to create a VR environment where the content was usable and made creative sense for the end user. Our Creative Director, Rick McNealy, hit on the idea of the Museum of Diversity where each of the groups' content would be featured in a VR space.  When in that space, participants could look around them and see the content from each of the groups represented.

To maximize the VR experience, we started the app with a series of 360-degree panoramic images that contained Verizon's key branding and led the viewer into the Museum of Diversity.


Hardware-wise, we decided to use the Galaxy S5 (then the flagship Samsung handset) combined with Google Cardboard, which allowed for a low equipment cost and easy access for multiple users to participate (as opposed to expensive dedicated headsets).

Ultimately we came up with a VR app that maximized what could be done with non-VR content, answered the call for our clients, and created a compelling experience for the participants  - which is always what we're looking to do.

Where My Drive Comes From

Project:  #MyDriveComesFrom

Client: Travelers Insurance

Agency: rEvolution

We are working this summer and fall with rEvolution and their client Travelers on a fun and remarkable campaign called My Drive Comes From, that lets marathon runners and their supporters express their motivation and appreciation for their Drive.

The program has multiple components, including an onsite presence at the Rock & Roll Marathon Expos, on-course presence at each racecourse and a dedicated campaign microsite.

Onsite at each race Expo, we capture images from participants (and their supporters) that spell out where their drive comes from.  These very high quality, professionally-shot images become part of a videowall display onsite and part of the mosaic.

On participants can learn about the campaign, look up a runner and leave them a message of encouragement that they'll see as they run past the Travelers jumbotron on the racecourse.

These messages were the most exciting and most challenging part of the activation.  We worked with the Rock & Roll series sponsorship team and technical partners to get access to their timing antenna infrastructure, so that we could track exactly when a runner is coming up to the jumbotron and display their encouragement messages. 

Working creatively with rEvolution, we designed multiple layouts to accommodate differing numbers and styles of messages, as well as interstitial branding between messages.

Even at just our first race, we received hundreds of messages of encouragement and it was amazing to see the reactions of runners as they were surprised and delighted by the messages popping up in front of them.  Some even stopped to take a picture and capture the moment!


Hitting the Showers with Delta Faucets

Project: Delta Faucets - #Happimess

Agency: rEvolution

A common challenge is how to extend an event digitally within its unique constraints. This is what we were challenged with by rEvolution for their client Delta Faucets, and their activations in association with the Warrior Dash races.

If you're not familiar with the Warrior Dash, let's just say they're muddy. REALLY muddy. Delta Faucets provides at the races is a mobile shower activation where the hundreds of participants line up to rinse off after the race. What could we do to digitally extend a shower? Well, why not capture and share it?

rEvolution added a shower photobooth to the end of the shower truck, and we created a custom registration and photo app to capture all the fun of getting clean. Participants register on roaming devices, then receive an NFC-encoded card that they present at the shower stage. While they rinse off (alone or in groups) we capture a 4-frame before/after GIF using a custom photo app. The GIFs are then delivered in real-time to participants via MMS and then via a custom email, all with full social sharing links.



As you can see from the line below - the PhotoBooth shower was a huge hit - and very necessary!




Tracking the Achievers

Project: NFC Attendance Tracking

We were very happy to participate with one of our clients (who we can't name, but lets just say we think it's the Best place to Buy consumer electronics) on their annual sales achievement conference in San Juan.

We had 1150 attendees, 120 vendors, 70+ vendor workshops, 2 hotels and tens of thousands of checkins to track, all in real-time. Furthermore, we had to manage a network situation that has been a historical thorn in our client's side.

They had previously used a solution that involved having every attendee need to download an app and scan themselves into every booth. This was slow, tech support heavy and VERY network inefficient.

To overcome these issues, we created an NFC tablet-based scanning system that allowed us to reduce the number of devices on the network by an order of magnitude (from 2000+ to 200) that also allowed us to cover areas that had never been tracked before, including registration and swag distribution, and vendor workshops. All of this tied into our real-time back end to provide instant reporting to all of our corporate client representatives on every session and attendee.

Each tablet was instantly able to be configured to any location, and corporate staff were able to efficiently and quickly learn how to scan participants in:

  • At registration, the client was instantly able to track who had arrived and registered, as well as remove any chance of double swag distribution. 
  • At the vendor show, dashboards provided real-time information on which booths had been visited the most, and track each participants' progress across the show floor. We also tracked real-time contest eligibility based on booth visits.
  • For the vendor workshops, participants were tracked as they checked in and instantly told if they were in the wrong workshop (and sent to the right one). Furthermore, corporate staff were able to track compliance with mandatory workshop attendance in real-time.

Even with a less-than-perfect network we were able to manage every attendee and every check-in, representing nearly 40,000 individual checkins on busy event days. Can't wait until the next event in October!

Checking In at the Super Bowl!

Project: Mobile Registration/Ticketing

Agency: Mosaic 

At the Super Bowl this year we we hired to create a system that allowed participants to register for and attend one of the hottest, invitation-only Super Bowl activations in Phoenix. Our task was to streamline the multi-step registration and entry process so that thousands of attendees could get their party on, rather than stand in line.

We created a system in which potential attendees received an invitation email, which led them to a mobile-optimized registration microsite. Our client had several requirements that had to be met in order to receive a ticket, including age gating and providing a signature and a selfie. Our microsite handled all that, and then the system sent them a unique QR code as well as links for inviting friends.

QR codes are something that sometimes get a bad rap in experiential, sometimes deservedly so. It's not always a great plan to ask every customer to scan a code to accomplish something. However, using QR in reverse, where we distribute unique codes and then we scan them can be very efficient.

QR codes are easy to scan, whether they're on a device or printed, and they can have data embedded within the code itself that can makes the scanning app efficient and limit connectivity-dependence.

As the tens of thousands of invitation emails and the thousands of actual tickets went out, our clients were able to keep track of all the activity via a custom dashboard that gave them continuous, real-time updates of the event as a whole and each day's counts.

At the venue, we provided a custom scanning app used by dozens of brand ambassadors up and down the line that scanned the codes and instantly verified that all the requirements (ticketed, of age, signature, selfie) had been provided before checking the attendee into the event. We quickly and efficiently checked in thousands of attendees over the weekend, even when connectivity became sketchy or non-existent because of overwhelming RF and tens of thousands of connected users in a 2-block radius.

Onsite it was a blast - amazing crowds and amazing energy at the event, and we were proud to be a part of it.


Fashion in the Round

Project: Harlem's Fashion Row LA - #VZFashionMoment

Client: Verizon / Agency: Marketing Werks

We were tasked with putting a new spin on a photobooth for the Harlem's Fashion Row LA fashion show, as sponsored by Verizon.

Taking our cues from some of the Matrix-cam fashion ideas we've seen, we wanted to take things to another level and give people a chance to show their stuff at the same time they showed their fashion. To do it, we created a 360-degree fashion platform and our own real-time editing to create speed-ramped videos of the participants. In just 4 hours we were able to capture well over 100 videos.

Loads of fun and a very efficient event - small footprint, quick turn.